The Match Game

Finding that perfect match for your garage door panel isn't unlike online dating—it has to be just right or it sticks out like a sore thumb. Material, design, color—they all have to gel together flawlessly like peanut butter and jelly. Get one element wrong, and well, let's just say your curb appeal might swipe left on attractiveness.At Center Garage Door Repair Aurora we know our way around these things better than most folks know their morning commute. We’ve matched more panels than there are socks lost in laundry—trust us when we say we’ll find its twin.

Dinged but Not Forgotten

A banged-up panel can seem minor but think of it as that small chip in your windshield that suddenly spiders across the glass while you’re cruising down I-88—that tiny ding could mean big trouble if ignored because strength compromised is safety jeopardized.Sure enough though, repairs done right can bring back stability faster than caffeine kicks in on Monday mornings; plus they keep any warranty intact—which is always good news for peace of mind and pocketbooks alike.

The How-To That Helps You Too

We won’t leave you hanging wondering how all this gets done either—we believe knowledge is power after all. When repairing or replacing those panels ourselves here at Center Garage Door Repair Aurora,

  • We first size up what type of material works best considering factors from weather resistance to insulation value;
  • Next comes removing damaged sections carefully so as not to play dominoes with remaining ones;
  • Last step? Installing new pieces snugly without leaving gaps wider than Grand Canyon—or even noticeable seams for that matter.

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